Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

Good morning running peeps. It was a good morning out on the trails this morning, although it was a tad chilly for old SoCal. My knuckles got quite numb. Well I take that back, the knuckles on my right hand were nice and toasty in the sleeve of my pullover which has lovely little thumb holes. Best invention ever. Well ok maybe not EVER, but right up there. But the knuckles on my left hand had to suffer out in the cold because of my Watch, which with the GPS is too bulky to cover and uncover while trying to keep running. It was just too much trouble so I ran with a frozen hand for a good 3 miles. Not something you might expect for March in Tustin. But it was a beautiful morning. The sun came up and cast long golden highlights against the tree shadows. Everyone seems to smile and say hello and all lower limbs seemed happy to be out running. Made for a great start to my Wednesday. I did about 4.5 miles as I am getting ready to help with a running club at work. So there will be lots of stories in the coming months as I get back to running regularly and you know what my brain does out there on that road. Kooooky. :) Stay tuned.

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