Saturday, March 13, 2010

1 hour

That was my goal today, with no real goal hanging over me. I just wanted to be "out" for an hour. I didn't want to put pressure of how far to go, how fast to go, etc. Just get out and move. I strapped on my fuel belt, that I hadn't used since my race in October. It was feeling so lonely. Strapped on my ipod and laced up my shoes and off I went. I walked for a warm up and when I got to the corner I took off running. And felt REALLY GOOD. It was such a beautiful morning to be out. The sun was out but it was only probably 60. It was shady and cool and wonderful. I usually fast forward songs that come on the shuffle that I don't want to run to but in the interest of "no rules", I just let it run. I love it when you come across a song you have never heard before. I must have bought a whole album at some point and not listened it. A song came on today called Damaged that was just lovely. Ethereal, soft, not a bad tempo to run to and I still have no idea who it is. I will research that later. My point is, it was a nice surprise. Although I almost reached my limit when the Carpenters came on. There are just some songs that are NOT good to run to. But I persevered, remembering that the Carpenters were one of my favorites when i was just a wee little one. I remember being about 4 and loving "Top of the World" and singing it constantly. Must have been where my love of singing started. I remember having the album, yep I said it, album, and it opened up to a picture of a red car. I carried that thing with me everywhere. So although it was challenging to run to, it did bring mack really nice memories. And isn't that sometimes the point. To get you out of your own head and to forget about the drama and the humdrum in your life and to just let thoughts run through that cleared out space. That's why I run anyway.
What else? Ok so i ended up running the trail away from my house and into Irvine. I ended up on the trail that I ran so many miles on while training for my marathon. I was hoping I would run into some old coaches and mentors but I was either too late or they are in between seasons cause that trail was EMPTY today. It was lovely and quiet but I did miss my running buddy Steph. What a great experience that whole season was. I cannot wait to do it again now that my knee seems to be much happier. So, yeah, I ended up running and then doing a few bouts of walking and ended up running about 4.5 miles of the 5.5 total. I was out there for a good hour and with 42 minutes of running I am back to about a 9:30 pace. Look, just because I didn't have any goals doesn't mean I didn't track every step. I already said I had all my gear strapped on. :) I know, I know, I am little Type A that way. And that is how I like it. So anyway, bottom line it was a great way to start the weekend. I felt refreshed and ready for some fun. I will be looking for a race to sign up for very very soon. That's fun for everybody!

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