Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6 miles

This will be a quick update. Saturday was my team long run and we got to do a satellite workout. I picked the Yorba Linda run because it is different than my normal location and it started at 7 so I could get it out of the way first thing. It was awesome. I felt really good. I broke a 9 minute mile. Training is just moving right along. Afterwards i went to Jamba juice to refuel with a Pomegranate smoothie and a wheat grass shot. Yummy. 

Sunday was good for my recovery run. I ran 3 miles at Back bay and it was a lovely day with a nice breeze and the sun shining on my face. Ooh and I got some new Roxy Athletix gear so I was decked out in that and a Gator ball cap. That put a little spring in my step for sure. The picture isn't great but you can see the cute new shorts and top. Go check out Athletix kids. The gear is goooood.

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