Thursday, November 4, 2010

Running, Running, Running

I have been so busy blogging about my new city I haven't really been reporting on my running progress. I am finally back in the groove. I am signed up for the Kiawah Half Marathon with my Uncle Butch and Cousin Ryan. Started training a few weeks ago in my beloved new city and it has been a great way to see the city and take in all it's sites. I love running south in Hudson River Park toward the Statue of Liberty. She is a beautiful site to behold. I am quite excited for the NYC Marathon this weekend, even though I am not running it, I will be out there cheering those runners on!! I know how important that encouragement is. In the meantime I am plodding along on my own training and this weekend while I was in Upstate seeing family I got to run in Corning. Let me tell you to get 7 miles in Corning you have to run around quite a bit. It was quite chilly and it is going to be a test of my perseverance to run in these winters. But I put on my mittens and ear muffs and headed out. I even stopped along the way to take some pictures of the lovely little town that my parents grew up in. I think of it as home too cause my heart is there. I can't wait to upload my GPS to see the map that this run created. :)

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