Wednesday, November 3, 2010


When I was little my Grandma Merrell had a locket that I absolutely loved. It was gold and it had a B on it. I remember it hanging on a hook behind her bedroom door with a lot of her necklaces. I loved looking at it when I would go to Caton to visit. When she passed away my mom and aunts went through her belongings and gave all the grandkids pieces of her. I asked for the locket and thankfully none of the other cousins protested. So it has been in my house for the past 15 years. I always kept it next to the teacup that she passed down to me but recently decided to start wearing it. I love having it close to my heart. It always felt weird that there were no pictures in it so last week I took on the project of finding something to put in it. I wanted two shots of my grandparents, one of the Merrells and one of the Haverts but I couldn't find one where there heads were close enough together to shrink it down to fit in the locket. So instead I found a picture of my parents. The images are from a single picture but I split their faces to make two shots. I think it was one of their prom pictures. I absolutely love it and can see me wearing it for years to come. Thanks Grandma Bert.

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