Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My Grandma Havert turned 87 on Saturday so I decided it was high time I high tailed it upstate to see my fam. A big section of the Pro List on the NYC move was to be closer to family. I hadn't seen my grandparents in about 5 years and they are not young kids. So Friday at 8 am I was on the road. I pulled in about 1 and met my Aunt Sandy to surprise them. She went in first and told them she found something on sale at the store.....grand daughters. It was great fun and they were very surprised. They look the same as ever just a little smaller. We got to visit all afternoon and it was so great to be with family. I always get such a peaceful feeling when I am in Corning/Painted Post. Even though I usually run around trying to see everyone, it doesn't feel rushed or crazy. It just feels like home, like fam. After dinner with my G-rents, I went to meet my aunt Debbie and Uncle Bob for the Corning High School football game. I haven't been to a high school football game in AGES. And let me tell you kids, late October in upstate New York is COLD! My grandpa H let me borrow "Puffy", his down jacket and I was ever grateful. Debbie had mittens for me and I survived the cold. The game was really fun to watch and Corning killed Ithaca for the semi finals.

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting fam and relaxing. Debbie and Bob and I strolled Market Street on Saturday afternoon and it was Trick or Treat Festivities for the kiddos. It was fun to see everyone all dressed up. Big kids, little kids, even canine kids. Everybody got into the season.

I love walking Market Street. It's got such a great little home town feel. You get to see all the beautiful glass art and darling little antique stores. And you know how I adore store windows.

We had a nice birthday dinner for Grandma H on Saturday night and really that was about the extent of the activities. It was just nice to get away and enjoy time with family. I am definitely going to be doing this again.

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