Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Flotilla

When my friend Deidre was in town a few weeks ago, we walked though Central Park on one of her last days. While we were there I picked up an events calendar for the Park and saw they were going to have a Pumpkin Parade on the little lake at the north end of the Park. While there is of course ice skating, I think the calendar of events is going to get quite slim now that winter will be here soon. So I wanted to take advantage of this little bit of fall fun. Off I went on the train at around 4:30 to 110th Street. Only when I ran the Park a few weeks ago have I been that far north in the Park. It is actually much more serene because it is away from the touristy areas. It was quite a scene with little ones all dressed up, pumpkin carving demos and a little costume parade before the big pumpkin send off on the floats. Such a fun way to celebrate Fall.

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