Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday Bash

My new beau Clifford had a birthday. He does birthdays well. Old friends fly in, new friends join in the fun and he plans quite the festive event. We started out at the Bridge Cafe with his 4 best buddies who could make it to NYC, where Lucia totally treated us. She is the bartender there that we have befriended and she is darling. She made him a birthday sign and brought out peanut butter pie. So cute.

From there, we moved on to the next event which was cigars sent from Clifford Sr all the way from Detroit for the boys to enjoy. We had scouted earlier in the month for the perfect view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was magical.

The boys smoked and we shot well past sunset as the lights came up on Manhattan and Brooklyn. This city is so beautiful at night.

From there we headed to Stecchino in Hell's Kitchen for an amazing Italian meal, where 6 more of Cliff's friends joined us. The food was great, the conversation was animated and the festivities continued.

After dinner we headed a few doors down to Vintage where even more friends joined. Cliff held court while I got to know Kristi and Jackie a little better. Great ladies. It was quite a night and according to C "a birthday for the history books". Happy Birthday!!

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