Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's already been a busy few weeks and now October will be over before I know it. I have had a few jobs which is good. I am starting to get a tad stir crazy. Not that I don't have plenty to keep me busy but I definitely am more productive when I have a lot on my plate. So my latest apartment project as been my new chairs. I won a set of arm chairs on Ebay but they were in Pittsburg so my cousin Erin picked them up for me and we finally met last weekend to do the hand off. Now comes the task of redoing them. I found an amazing fabric at Mood a few months ago and have been itching to get it and get this project going. Mind you I have never recovered chairs before and when I first started ripping them apart I felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew. Now, I am almost done and they are going to be fabulous. My only major decision now is do I paint the wood pink, plum or go safe and do white. Still deciding so I am at a small stand still . Here are the shots of the progress so far.

Good Golly there were a TON of staples!! More to come!

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