Saturday, February 26, 2011

Temper Tantrums

I heard a young child outside my window this afternoon head for a temper tantrum. He was shrieking and yelling in that high pitched fervor that you know well if you have ever been around children. His mom must have gotten the upper hand because it didn’t last long but it made me smile to myself and think “Yeah I could use one of those on occasion” Sure I am an adult and I have more constructive ways of handling my emotions. I know how to deal with people when they hurt me or let me down or do things I just don’t understand. Yeah I am talking to you. It doesn’t make those things any less frustrating or hurtful but I know how to move on. But once in a while wouldn’t it be fun to have a full blown temper tantrum? I thought maybe we adults should be allowed one per month but that may be excessive. Heck if I saw someone throw themselves down in the middle of 13th and actually have one it might curb my desire a little but I am not convinced they don’t have some merit. I have a theory that it could help with the alcohol abuse in this country but that is strictly theory. I did have a tantrum myself, years ago. I was going through some pretty crappy stuff at the time and I got frustrated with my computer of all things. Just takes something small to set you off doesn’t it. Mind you I had never let my anger out that way....Never. And honestly when it was happening it was kind of frightening. I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to be able to get it under control.Thankfully after I kicked a few things and yelled a little, it subsided. And thankfully no one was there to witness me go a little crazy. And thankfully I didn’t toss my computer off the balcony. See, maybe a little tantrum now and then is right on par with a good cry. A little cleanser for the soul if you will. Try it for yourself. Just don’t throw it in the middle of my block or I might have to stop and laugh a little.

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