Monday, February 14, 2011

My stab at Fashion Week

I have a friend who is a designer who asked me to video her show during fashion week. I jumped at the chance even though I am still a newbie at filming as it afforded me access that I have been unable to secure on my own. Well that and I really want to support her as she pursues her dreams. Oh yeah and it was fun. So many positive aspects to this I tell ya. I will have much more to share once I get a chance to go through all the footage but I wanted to share this little bit first as I have already sent it along to the appropriate parties. At the venue for the show, there was beautiful artwork on the walls. I had the pleasure of meeting the artist, Stanley Carr and shooting some portraits of him with his pieces. Check out his website when you have a chance.

Great stuff and a really great guy.
Here are some of the models from the Viscera Show with Stanley's paintings as a backdrop.

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