Sunday, July 5, 2009

8 miles

I am up to the 8 mile marker in my training. The last few weeks have been tough and have me a tad concerned about how I am going to survive the next 4 months. Nothing hurts physically which I am so grateful for. It is more a mental issue that I seem to be having. Well that and a lack of endless energy reserves. I may need to rework some of my food and fluid intake to make this running a little more manageable. Hey, that is what training is for right? I went to Borders to get a book on running so that I was well informed on what to expect for the next few months and ended up finding a great little book that has me in stitches. It is called  “The non-runner’s marathon guide for women”. Written  by Dawn Dais and I have to say she has me giggling like a schoolgirl because I actually LOve running and yet I have had some of the exact same thoughts that she writes about.  Some of her commentary on the running schedule include.....

Week 4: This is about the time your body starts realizing  that this training stuff isn’t just a phase. Be patient while it adjusts.

Week 10: Halfway home...if your home was, like, 300 miles away.

Week 11: You will actually utter the words “I only have to run nine miles this Saturday.” My how times have changed.

Week 16: Sweet Mary some planes fly to destination fewer miles away than this.

Week 18: Your muscles are starting to get confused. “Why are you being so gentle?” Don’t tell them, let them enjoy this time.

Good stuff. I have already read four chapters in the book today and I may have to reread it numerous times over the course of this undertaking. 

So I made it through 8 miles yesterday and I say made it through because mile 3 to mile 6 were tough. I don’t know if my music was not inspiring enough, or I didn’t drink enough water on friday to be well hydrated or my peanut butter toast was having trouble getting my muscles to actually use that fuel. Regardless for about three miles I questioned my ability to do this. Which is a bummer because last week, I envisioned crossing the finish line and  actually got misty and thought “I am actually going to run a marathon” My how a week can totally change your perspective. However when you are struggling to keep running and having an argument in your own head about the merits of one more step, you actually come up with some very interesting thoughts. I decided that this marathon training may be the closest I ever get to experiencing pregnancy and childbirth. Now don’t get me wrong I do hope to have a child someday but in the event that that

is not in my future, I think I have a pretty good idea of what it might be like. For example, in the beginning you are all excited and can’t wait to share the news. AM I right? The a few weeks in the novelty wears off a bit and the morning sickness/ mileage sets in and it’s not as fun as you’d envisioned. As I am technically only in the first trimester, I am just projecting from here on out. You get past that little bump in the road and things settle down a bit as the big day gets a little closer. You have good weeks and bad weeks. Swollen feet, back aches, you crave pickles (must replace lost salts after long runs), but all in all things are going well. Then you get to the big day. In the beginning you are apprehensive but excited. Things start happening, moving. You think you have prepared well and are ready for this. Then about halfway through as your body is screaming out in pain, you start to think “I changed my mind!!! I don’t want to do this anymore.” You hear your body yelp “Whose idea was this?” as you look around for someone to blame.  Somehow through breathing and a coach who comes along side of you to cheer you on, you push through and settle into a state of numb. Am I out on a limb here kids? Thankfully you cross the finish line and in my case a very handsome man hands me a beautiful little gift, albeit it in a blue box and not a blue blanket this time around. And in your exhilaration and post event bliss you forget all the pain and effort and you hear a little voice in your head say “that wasn’t so bad, i could do it again someday”.

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