Sunday, January 8, 2012

Angel Oak

The South is Deep in me. Even though I am not a native in the true sense of the word, I am Southern in most every other sense. One of my favorite things about it is the way to Live Oak grows. I love it's magesty, it's history, it's shade on a hot Southern summer day. I love how they grow on either side of the road and create a beautiful canopy of branches. There is a street in Pensacola I always wanted to shut down and get married on, precisely for that canopy of branches. Didn't happen. Something about city rules or neighbors or something. Anyway, on my most recent trip South, the fam and I were driving to my aunt's house when we passed a sign on Bohicket Road. Gar and I didn't even see it and mom said "oh Angel Tree,  let's turn around I want show this to you guys" It seems she had been to Angel Oak on one of her HaHa weekends. So Gar turned the car around and we headed down a smaller road to "reportedly the oldest thing-living or man made-east of the Rockies" according to the website. Mom was telling us it was this great old tree and how big it was and all kinds of things and I think I was expecting to see a cool old tree and then we came around the corner and there it was....a MASSIVE cool old tree. It's so big it's believed to be over 1500 years old. WHAT? She looks GOOD for her age. Now you guys know I am not into "nature" if you will, but I LOVE trees. And this was a beauty! 

I could sit right there and read a book on a sultry summer afternoon. 

The Rents with the Angel

This Southern kid would have climbed all over this.

I told you I love trees. 

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