Monday, December 19, 2011


What IS the correct response when someone calls you a bitch for not giving them a quarter? Something inside of me got riled up and made me stop and turn around with an irritated "Excuse me? Do you need a quarter?" Apparently I am actually becoming a full fledged New Yorker. Here's the thing, I am actually quite a regular giver. I feel incredibly blessed and in turn feel compelled to help others when I can. But call me a bitch when I can't and it seems you are dealing with someone I am not all too familiar with. I forget she's in there sometimes and she doesn't take kindly to that. "Yes I need a quarter bitch" "Ok I will give you a quarter", I said (or possibly snapped) as I began to dig in my wallet, that I was quickly realizing I had just emptied of all change before I left my place "How about a thank you", I added as I continued to dig. He then turned away from me and called out to the next passer by "I am poor, give me $3000 for my painting bitch" which I was beginning to realize was really not personal but a normal part of his vernacular. Also realizing he is no longer paying any attention to me and my empty wallet I turned and walked away thinking to myself, "well if you really wanted $3000 in the first place, you should have just asked for that and not a quarter."

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