Thursday, August 18, 2011


I finally used the gift certificate I got for Christmas from my little sis, Jill. She and I took Trapeze lessons when she came to visit me last year and she knows how much I love it. So last week I took another class and I am kicking myself for waiting so long. It is SO DARN FUN!!!! I have learned new tricks every time and they are getting so fancy and cool. Today I was so excited to try the set split. It just looks so circusy and trapezey! I know that neither one of those are words but that is the only way to describe it. I let me camera run and got a video that ,while it is crap lighting you can see my catch on my new trick LOVE IT!  Take a look.


Kelly Fitzgerald Santos said...

You have the coooolest fun! Well done!

chelsea.brannon said...

Beautiful work!! So awesome teaching you that day! - Chelsea

SKLONG said...

Can't wait to go to circus school too!!