Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cherry Season

I love me some summer. I could do without the 100 degree plus 100% humidity of it but other than that what is not to love. Especially CHERRIES!! These little jewels started showing up a few weeks ago to my utter delight. And they are beautiful as well as sweet, tangy and full of summer goodness. God stepped it up when He created these little suckers. So in honor of summer and cherries I threw together one of my favorite summer time salads. I cook Israeli Couscous (from Trader Joe's) and cool it before tossing it with chopped cherris, fresh basil and slivered almonds. I drizzle a little olive oil on it just to get it to stick slightly and when I serve it I do a quick squeeze of lemon. Yummmy! So easy, so light and the flavors complement each other beautifully. Try it for yourself. DO NOT let cherry season pass you by.

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SKLONG said...

That looks really yummy!