Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

I am starting a new thread here at CC! Every Friday, to wrap up the week, I will share 5 things I am loving at the present! So here we go!!

1. Pancakes. Can not get enough. My friend Amanda and I have been having pancake breakfasts on Fridays to catch up and have some girl time. How cute are these little mancakes? Might have to try this out one week.

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker Recipes.

2. Tortoise & Blonde. Brand Spanking new Eye wear company that is launching on April 4th. I rocked these all weekend. 

Go get yours HERE.

3. Pink and Aqua. As you can tell from my Pinterest boards, I am quite fond of these two colors. What? You don't know of Pinterest? Well I didn't either til my friend Laurel turned me onto it this week. Go check it out NOW kids!

4. Bay Blanket Cardigan. There are only a few more weeks where a sweater will be appropriate and I am loving my new Quiksilver Women's sweater I just got. It is the perfect infusion of color on a dreary New York day. Go get one for yourself. 

Photos Credit: Quiksilver

5. Last but certainly not least, I have to give a shout out to my GAtors!! Going to the Elite 8. Gosh I love College Sports. It's the Southern Girl in me through and through. We take our College Sports Seriously.  So go Team! Let's take this all the way shall we.

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