Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tea Cups and Milk Glass

I am feeling quite nostalgic today. I don't know if it is from having a few days to myself in the big city, or going to the flea today and seeing tea cups and milk glass which totally reminded me of my grandma or any number of unconscious reasons. None the less I scrolled through the family photos I have stored on my computer and felt a pull to my roots. Not only do I love old photos, but when they are of my own flesh and blood, it's a whole new game altogether. I see history, I see family, I see love.

My great grandparents-The Haverts

My great grandparents-The Featherlys

My grandparents-The Haverts with dad front and center

My maternal grandmother-Grandma Merrell

Me with my great grandfather Ike

Me and my Mom

Me and My Dad

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Anna said...

I love love love old photographs...They are so adorable!