Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Photo Safari

T minus three days and counting. My assistant/friend, her sister, my roomie and a co-worker are taking a sojourn out to Salton Sea this weekend. We have both been itching for a creative ventilator after shooting product on white for months in the studio. Our first glimpse of inspiration came when we got to go on a field trip to LA with our boss for a photoshop conference. That was when the idea for a weekend road trip came to fruition. We were giggling like two little girls with idea after idea of where to go, what to do. I have never been to Salton Sea and although Laurel has, it has been some time and we decided it would be the perfect time before it gets too hot and unbearable. So on Good Friday after we go to church at noon we are packing ourselves in the car and heading east young woman. We have a care package all ready for Leonard at Salvation Mountain, cameras ready for whatever catches our fancy and imaginations ready for unlimited expansion. 

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