Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am kind of obsessed with the Subway. It was high on my list when I was considering a move from Ca to NYC. I love mass transit. I do love to drive, well not in New York, but I do love to drive. I just love how accessible everything in the city it by mass transit. I am even getting comfortable with the bus system. But there is something romantic about the Subway. Well now that they have cleaned it up there is. I can't imagine I would have been nearly as enamored back in the days of graffiti and threats of mugging or death. Although I do love the grit of that as well, just glad I am not living that. So in my love affair I am learning all about my new paramour. I remember when I first got here I noticed that some of the trains had artwork in them or poetry amidst all the advertising.

 I found that so lovely and unexpected. Even some of the ads I find really entertaining.

If you get your head out of your book once in awhile (I get it, I am turning into a New Yorker who carries books, I am just saying) you might find some interesting things around you. Take a look. Especially in the stations. They are all different. Some have themes, some have tiles that date back to who knows when, some have real art. 

My 14th Street Station is one of my favorites, with a full fledged art installation throughout the two blocks it runs underground.

I mean, seriously? How cute are these little guys? And they are EVERywhere! Makes me happy when I walk through. 
I have even taken to shooting people on the subway. OK NO, not shooting, shooting, but with  my iphone. Two projects I have running concurrently. One is "Across the Train from Me" because I find the constant shuffle of fellow riders fascinating. The other is my Framed&Focused blog which I shoot people in cool frames on the fly. Keeps my nose out of the book on most rides. 

So my newest obsession with the MTA is finding old subway maps that show cross sections of the depth flow. I want to know how deep the trains go and I want to see it drawn out so it makes sense to me. It's a maddening internet search which, so far has been met with only this one drawing and it does NOT satisfy. 

While it is quite beautiful, not exactly what I am looking for. SO the hunt continues.  In the meantime I did find these really cool Subway Art pieces that were featured in the NewYork Times article titled Your Commute, Your Life, Your Personal Subway Map. My favorite was by Bernard Maisner, although all of them were quite fantastic. 

So down the Rabbit Hole I go on a quest to discover more about my new love. I won't be posting any sticky sweet status updates on FB but you might want to check back as I may wax poetic on occasion. And you know there will be photos.

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