Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ticker Tape Parade!

As a lifelong Cowboy fan, I know I am not supposed to root for the Giants. But as a newly converted Bronco fan I CANNOT root for a QB who beat my boy Tebow, Twice. Besides, just not a fan of Brady, although I do love some Brandon Spikes (Gator all the way). So all this to say that while I am obviously conflicted, I AM a NEW YORKER. I know it’s only been 18 months since my arrival but I got NY deep. So I rooted for the Giants in the Super Bowl AND they won! Which means I got to go to a Ticker Tape Parade! And it was FUN! I love seeing the city in such a celebratory mood! 

Yep, Flava Flav!

Love the look on Eli's face

Looks like it snowed!

This is how it should be done!

Feel free to comment below if you can id any of the players cause without a name on their back, I don't have a clue!

Congrats New York!

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