Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Good Old Days-Part One

I had to dig around on my external hard drive for some images and ended up on a long walk down memory lane in the meantime. Gosh there is some good stuff on there. Life has been fun. Thought I would share some. My first job out of photo school, I worked as an assistant for a really great commercial photographer. Not only did I learn a ton, but we had a lot of fun. We worked with some really cool people and always found time at the end of  shoot for a little goofing around. I remember laughing hysterically when some of these shots were taken. All in a days. work. Thanks for the memories Axel!

The work shot Photo by  Axel Döhler

The fun shot....Pig Family Photo by Axel Döhler

I don't even remember what this shoot was but I remember every time the shutter went off the four of us ran to the camera to see the shot giggling like fools.

More fun with my friend Jack. He and I were always game when Axel needed to test. 
Photo by Axel Döhler

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